Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Neighbors

June 30th

Floor Time

June 29th

Mother Bird

June 28th

Another gross one

June 27th

Yes, we catch stuff all the time!

June 26th

In the Garage

June 25th

A baby NOT having fun on the boat

June 24th

Can you see the egg?



June 22nd

Going for a Ride

June 21st

Father's Day

June 20th


June 19th

"Take a picture of my face"

June 18th

Silly Kids

June 17th

Old Shoes

June 16th

4x2=8 Little Legs

June 15th

Makeshift Paint Tent

June 14th

Blurry 2

June 13th

Prize Time

June 12th

Sandy Toes

June 11th

Sunscreen Keychain

June 10th

Little Friends

June 9th

New Arrangement

June 8th

Getting Reacquainted

June 7th


June 6th


June 5th

Logan Zoo

June 4th