Monday, April 12, 2010

Little Girl Toes

March 16th


  1. I LOVE little GIRLS feet so much. Those are such cute and adorable little cheesy stinkers she has there;-)

    1. Me Too I like Preteen girl's feet too because I'am not lying to you because I used to play with preteen girls cute young feet 30Past years ago even though to my Mother when she discovered this thing chances are that she told me that it was a sick thing to do since it's in my mind but to her she calls it child molestation & I could get in big trouble for that in the future but I continue to ignore that so I've done this until I was in my late 20's since I started to return back to the work force & now I'am in my early 40's & chances are that I cannot do that anymore since times had changed & so I've turned to Google Images & can now see Preteen Girl's Feet, Teen Girl's Feet & adult Women's strong sexy feet since they wear nail polish plus I still have a foot fetish today & so this is why I really like female's feet but can't touch them but only look at them.